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Rahul Inamdar

Rahul Inamdar is what they call a crossover artist. With an MBA and Engineering degree and a decade of corporate experience at Marico and Godrej, he took to the canvas in 2007, moving on to give up his corporate career. Subsumed by Claude Monet’s expansive Waterlilies at Musee L’Orangerie, he was struck by the way a piece of art could move the viewer. Enquiry into the why, followed. 

Reflections on oneness, the space and the sublime in works such as Rothko’s monolithic chapel paintings, Bach’s Cello suites by Yo-Yo Ma, Nasreen Mohamedi’s subtle paper works - became the education. Intent upon evolving a feeling, pure and unhindered, he works on his canvas. Surrendering to the intuition, he lets the moment take over. 

Colours emerge onto the canvas from the inner recesses of his mind, transparent sonorous reds, somber greens and poignant grays. Merging their individuality, while holding on to their character, the application and reduction continues till the moment when the work becomes space, becomes light.

 It was not long before he began showing his works at public venues like Jehangir Art Gallery, Nehru Centre , India Habitat Centre in India, Dubai ,Milan & New York 
‘Ellipsis...' was  his first major solo exhibition with a private gallery, in the capital.



Artist Note

Art it is not confined by language, medium or colour, it is freedom. Art goes beyond suggestion, depiction or memory, and can exist purely, as and for itself. Like space, time, sound or light, art can deliver a fundamental unfelt experience, that could move the viewer, more than once. I want to create such art. A lot of prep takes place in the background, to achieve the transparency, intensity, silence, music. I read across disciplines, consume music, architecture, science philosophy - I believe it nourishes me, and the work. The core of my practice is in forgetting. It allows me to be with the canvas when I am making it. I hate sameness, so I consciously avoid getting stuck in a form. While my art is never pre-meditated, it is never an accident. The weaker works are not edited, but discarded. Each new piece of art, distills me, brings me closer to the essence of being. That is why I make art.  

Artist's Exhibition